Sponsored By:   Sons of the American Legion
Shelbourne Parish Squadron 293
VA District 16
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2018/2019 ULLL Board Member Contact Information
Mailing Address:   ULLL
P.O. Box 1122
Purcellville, VA 20134
 Board Member  Phone #’s  Email Address
  Kerry Rice
 C:  703-297-0800
 H:  540-668-6327

 Vice President
  Mario Valenti
 C:  703-300-4518
 H:  540-751-9528
 Player Agent
 C: PlayerAgent@ulll.org
  Carri Michon
 H:  540-338-2466 CLMichon@aol.com
   Francine Reed
 H:  540-751-1587 Wdolwen@aol.com
  Jim Hill
 C:  703-400-5913 Umpire@ulll.org
 Asst. Umpire-in-Chief
  Amanda Rohs
 C:  607-760-4569
 Coaching Coordinator 
  Mark Bauer
 C:  571-212-7465 Mark.Bauer@lcps.org
 Information Officer
  Donald Fletcher
 C:  703-727-4479 Information@ulll.org
 Safety Officer
  Brandon Bonnette
 C:  703-431-6594
  Drew Bishop
 C:  616-340-1583
 Hamilton Area Rep.
  Patrick Awenowitz
 C:  571-201-1306 HamiltonRep@ulll.org
 Lovettsville Area Rep.   
   Brad Brenneman
 H:  571-213-6890 LovettsvilleRep@ulll.org
 Purcellville N. Area Rep.
  Chris York
 C:  703-965-0617 Chriswyork@gmail.com
  Purcellville S. Area Rep.
  Chris Colio
 C:  703-906-0384
 Round Hill Area Rep.
  Steve McIntosh
 C:  703-795-1735 RoundHillRep@ulll.org
  Kelly Cunningham
 C:  TBD