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VA District 16
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Rescheduling Games

Last Update: 4/22/18

If a game is cancelled due to a conflict or inclement weather you should reschedule it as soon as possible...preferably the week after the game was canceled.  If you wait too long to reschedule games and there are more conflicts and/or inclement weather you may find yourself having to play 4 and possibly 5 games by the end of the season to get caught up.

The procedure to reschedule a game is as follows:

  • Check the latest of the Excel Game Schedule for available fields.  NOTE: The schedule does NOT show fields that are in the approval process.
  • The team managers will confer and determine at least one and preferably two date(s)/time(s)/location(s) for the makeup game.
    • NOTE: Parks and Rec requires a 72 hour notice for scheduling games and practices at Franklin Park 3.
  • One of the team managers compose an Email as follows:
    • Recipients:
      • The other team manager
      • The area rep(s) responsible for the field(s) being affected by the request
      • Rookies to Majors games only - The Umpire Info group (umpireinfo@ulll.org)
      • The league President (President@ulll.org) and the Information Officer (Information@ulll.org)
    • Subject of Email:
      • Please includes team names, level, and the word Schedule in the subject line (e.g. Schedule - Mets(AA)/Phillies (AA))
    • Message Body: In the Email message provide the following information:
      • The reason for requesting the schedule change (e.g. makeup of rain out game, school event affecting number of available players, etc).
      • Indicate the current and the new date(s)/time(s)/location(s) for the makeup game
  • The area rep(s) and Umpire staff will respond if there is any known conflict with the new date/time/location.
  • The League President will approve/disapprove the new date/time/location.  Occasionally the Information Officer will approve/disapprove for the League President.
  • Once approved the Information Officer will update the team and Excel master schedules on the ULLL web site and send an Email to the following people:
    • Team managers
    • Area representative(s) affected by the change
    • League President
    • Umpire in Chief (Rookies to Majors only)
    • Parks & Rec (weekday games only)