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Rescheduling Games
Last Update: 4/27/16

It is almost certain that many of you will need to reschedule a game some time during the season due to a conflict or inclement weather.  Please reschedule your games as soon as possible...preferably the week after the game was canceled.  Remember that if you're rescheduling a game due to rain, it is possible that future games could be rained out as well.  This is especially important for the Rookies, AA, AAA, and Majors teams.   A team must play at least twelve (12) games during the regular season for players to qualify for participation in our All-Star teams.

The procedure to reschedule a game is as follows:

  • The team managers will determine at least one and preferably two date(s)/time(s)/location(s) for the makeup game.
  • One of the team managers will send an Email indicating what game is being rescheduled
    • Please includes team names, level, and the word "Schedule" in the subject line (e.g. "Schedule - Mets(AA)/Phillies (AA)")
    • Indicate the current and the new date(s)/time(s)/location(s) for the makeup game
    • Please include the following individuals in the Email
      • The other team manager
      • The area rep(s) responsible for the location(s) of the previous and new dates and times
      • The Umpire-in-Chief (csk1224@gmail.com) (Rookies to Majors only) 
      • The league President (President@ulll.org) and the Information Officer (Information@ulll.org)
  • The area rep(s) should respond if there is any known conflict with the new date/time/location...normally this does not happen
  • The League President will approve/disapprove the new date/time/location.  In some cases the Information Officer will approve/disapprove for the League President for Coach Pitch & Tball games not on the main fields (FP 3, Haske 1, HE 1, LE 1, NBP, RH 1)
  • Once approved the Information Officer will update the team and Excel master schedules on the ULLL web site and send an Email to the following people:
    • Team managers
    • Area representative(s) affected by the change
    • League President
    • Umpire in Chief (Rookies to Majors only)
    • Parks & Rec (weekday games only)

NOTE: Parks and Rec has requested that we provide a 72 hour notice for rescheduling games at Franklin Park 3.