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2018 Upper Loudoun Little League All Stars

(Updated: As of 1 June 2018, 10 PM)


Upper Loudoun Little League is pleased to announce this year's 2018 ULLL District All-Stars Teams:


ULLL 8-9 American League Invitational All-Stars Team (Manager: Craig Buckley)

Brett B. (AA Phillies)
Ryker C. (AA Angels)
Henry E. (AA Orioles)
Samuel E. (AA Phillies)
Hunter F. (AA Cubs)
Caden H. (Rookie Phillies)
Quincy L. (AA Angels)
Cole M. (AA Royals)
Aiden O. (AA Cubs)
Eli R. (AA Red Sox)
Garrett S. (AA Red Sox)
Caleb W. (AA Orioles)


ULLL 8-9 National League Invitational All-Stars Team (Manager: Chris York)

Luke B. (AA Mets) 
Tate E. (AA Nationals)
Christopher F. (Rookie Cardinals)
Beckett F. (AA Pirates)
Peter G. (AA Mets)
Thomas L. (AA Nationals)
David M. (AA Marlins)
Tristan M. (AA Mets)
Ayden Q. (AA Nationals)
Larkin R. (AAA Nationals)
Owen S. (AAA Nationals)
Will Y. (AAA Nationals)


ULLL 8-10 American League District All-Stars Team (Manager: Jim Kennedy)

Ryan B. (AAA Phillies) 
Pierce E. (AAA Cubs) 
Saxton G.  (AAA Red Sox)
Walker K. (AAA Red Sox) 
Ethan L. (AA Angels) 
Colby L. (AAA Red Sox) 
Peter L. (AAA Phillies) 
Andrew M. (AAA Cubs) 
Justin M. (AAA Cubs) 
William S. (AA Phillies)
Cole S. (AAA Phillies) 
Luke Y. (AA Red Sox)


ULLL 8-10 National League District All-Stars Team (Manager: Keith Rice)

John C. (AAA Reds) 
Devin C. (AAA Pirates)
Adam D. (AA Dodgers) 
Blake F. (AAA Pirates)
Nathan G. (AA Mets) 
Spencer G. (AAA Pirates)
Boden H. (AAA Reds) 
Ethan S. (AA Mets)
Gavin K. (AAA Pirates) 
Will M. (AAA Pirates) 
Isaiah R. (AAA Pirates) 
Dylan V. (AA Cardinals)


ULLL 9-11 American League District All-Stars Team (Manager: Mark Bauer)

Parker A. (Majors Astros) 
Landon B. (Majors Astros) 
Vincenzo C. (Majors Phillies) 
Casey F. (Majors Astros) 
PJ L. (Majors Red Sox)
Dane M. (Majors Orioles) 
Cooper N. (Majors Cubs) 
Chad N. (Majors Orioles) 
Carson S. (Majors Red Sox) 
Gabriel S. (Majors Orioles)
Adam S. (Majors Phillies) 
Talan S. (Majors Orioles) 
Timothy S. (Majors Red Sox) 


ULLL 9-11 National League District All-Stars Team (Manager: James Spagnoli)

Caden C. (AAA Nationals)
Coltan D. (Majors Dodgers)
Ethan H. (AAA Reds)
Abigail H. (Majors Nationals) 
Patrick L. (Majors Nationals) 
Jed R. (Majors Reds) 
Luke R. (Majors Dodgers)
Cole S. (AAA Reds)
Benjamin S. (Majors Dodgers) 
Tyler S. (Majors Braves) 
Levi S. (Majors Nationals) 
Ryder T. (Majors Nationals) 


ULLL LL (10-12) American League District All-Stars Team (Manager: Chris Hill)

Jack H. (Majors Astros) 
Jackson H. (Majors Red Sox) 
Sam H. (Majors Cubs) 
Dallas K. (Majors Orioles) 
Jordan L. (Majors Cubs) 
Jimmy M. (Majors Orioles) 
Jack M. (Majors Phillies) 
Joseph N. (Majors Orioles) 
Ethan P. (Majors Red Sox) 
Tino S. (Majors Phillies) 
Andrew S. (Majors Phillies) 
Ryan S. (Majors Red Sox) 


ULLL LL (10-12) National League District All-Stars Team (Manager: Mario Valenti)

Tommy A. (Majors Nationals) 
Teddy B. (Majors Braves) 
Davis B. (Majors Braves) 
Daniel C. (Majors Dodgers) 
Ryan C. (Majors Reds) 
James D. (Majors Nationals) 
Gabriel G. (Majors Dodgers) 
Alex M. (Majors Dodgers) 
Jack R. (Majors Reds) 
Ian V. (Majors Dodgers) 
Jake V. (Majors Braves) 
Marek W. (Majors Braves) 
Noah W. (Majors Reds) 


If you have any questions about ULLL's All Stars teams and opportunities, please contact Kerry ( ) and/or Sarah ( ).