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Scores and Statistics

Last Update: 4/23/18
Tball and Coach Pitch teams do not submit scores.

In order to keep track of completed games and pitch counts, Rookies-Majors Managers (or their Coaches) are required to report their scores and pitch counts for posting on the web site.  Click  here for the ULLL Rookies-Majors Manager Manual which illustrates the process to log in to the web site, view team information, enter game results, and provide pitch counts. 

Providing this information enables ULLL Board, Umpires, Managers, and Coaches to:

  • Track which teams have met their 12 game minimum requirement for selection of players for the All Star teams
  • Seed of AAA-Majors teams for the end of season tournament.
  • Determine which players are available for pitching on any given day.

NOTE: Managers are still required to keep their Pitch Count books up to date.