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ULLL 2017 Spring Rules – Tee Ball Division

PDF Version

ULLL Local Rules for the Tee Ball Division Updated - (29 January 2017):

  1. Each game will consist of three (3) complete innings.
  2. No new inning may start after one (1) hour has elapsed from the start of the game.
  3. No outs or runs will be recorded. (No scorebooks used)
  4. The complete roster will be the batting order. Each team will bat through its complete roster each ½ inning regardless of the numbers of players on each roster. Managers must change their team’s batting order each inning during a game. This is to ensure that players bat in different positions in the batting order each inning during a game.
  5. Ten (10) players may take the field for defensive purposes. Players should not play the same defensive position for more than one (1) inning.
  6. No player will sit out for more than one (1) inning.
  7. Two (2) defensive coaches are allowed on the field to instruct only.
  8. Coaches will instruct the defensive players to make appropriate plays. There will be no advancement on overthrows or inappropriate plays. When an appropriate play is made and the baserunner is out, the baserunner must return to their dugout.
  9. The player has four (4) swings to hit a fair ball.
  10. If the bat makes any contact with the ball, it is a hit but the ball must go out of the batter’s box into fair territory. With the exception of when the last batter hits the ball in play, baserunners may only advance one base per hit ball.
  11. A dead ball occurs when the tee is hit by the bat.
  12. The umpire (parent helper) is responsible for the placing the ball on the tee, adjusting the tee and removing the tee once the ball is hit.
  13. All catchers must wear full catches gear.
  14. The home team furnishes the tee.
  15. The pitcher stands on the pitcher’s plate until the ball is hit.