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ULLL 2017 Spring Rules – Coach Pitch Division

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ULLL Local Rules for the Coach Pitch Division:

  1. Each offensive team shall be limited to five (5) runs per inning or three (3) outs whichever occurs first.
  2. The complete roster will be the batting order. Ten (10) players may take the field for defensive purposes.
  3. No runner may steal a base.
  4. Coaches will instruct defensive players to make appropriate plays. When the ball is hit to the infield, the infield defensive team can make plays to the appropriate base(s). There will be no advancement on overthrows or inappropriate plays. The runner(s) will be safe at the appropriate base and all play stops.
  5. Coaches will instruct defensive players to make appropriate plays. When the ball is hit to the outfield, defensive players should throw the baseball back to the infield, the play continues and runners should continue running to a base. Runners should be stopped at the next base they reach, at which point the play is over. If they are tagged out before the end of the play, they are out. If, after the play, it is determined that a runner was not more than half way toward the next base at the moment the ball crossed the plane of the infield (where the dirt meets the grass) the runner is sent back to the previous base. A player in the outfield may not make a put out in the infield unless acting as a backup on a run down. The outfield player must throw to an infielder for a put out.
  6. All defensive players will be positioned in the normal location where that position is traditionally played. Outfielders should be positioned no less than 10-15 feet (or 5 big steps) behind the edge of the infield at the start of each pitch.
  7. The team manager or a coach will pitch to his/her own team’s batters.
    1. Pitches will be delivered overhand from the coach pitch mark, 10 feet closer to home plate than the major league rubber.
    2. A maximum of seven (7) pitches will be allowed for each batter. If the batter has not advanced within the seven (7) pitches, s/he will be called out. A seventh pitched foul ball does not award the batter another pitch.
  8. Playing Time – Based on a six (6) inning game.
    1. All players must play at least two (2) innings in the infield.
    2. All players must play in an outfield position for at least one (1) inning.
    3. The position of catcher only counts as one (1) inning of the two (2) required in the infield.
    4. Players should sit out NO MORE than two (2) innings per six (6) inning game.
  9. Volunteer Umpires – The home team is required to provide one volunteer to serve as the home plate umpire.
    1. The volunteer umpire will count pitches and make out and safe calls on the bases.
    2. The umpire does not call balls or strikes.
    3. If a second volunteer is identified by the visiting team, that volunteer should serve as a field umpire. If the visiting team does not provide a field umpire, the home team may choose do so.
    4. Managers may not serve as the volunteer umpire.